P.A.D, Heavy Legs, Tired Legs come with Heart attack warning

 More than 30% of people who experience continual Heavy and tired legs experience a Heart attack within 5 years”


 If you experience a continual felling of heaviness in the lower limbs it can be a sign of  heart complications.

The health of the legs is directly related to functioning of the heart. The circulatory system can signal problems when legs constantly feel heavy.

PAD (peripheral artery disease) is a very serious condition; clogged arteries in the legs create dangerous complications for cardiovascular system, some experience stroke or heart failure.


Heavy or tired legs should be addressed immediately. Peripheral artery disease (PAD) is commonly undiagnosed, often doctors do not check for clogged arteries in the lower limbs until the heart has been adversely affected.

Younger people are experiencing heart failure; those in their 40’s have seen a sharp rise in cardiovascular complications over the last 10 years. If you are over 50 and have heavy or tired legs it may be clogged leg arteries called P.A.D


As the legs go, so does the heart

 Over 35 million in the United States have PAD

If you are over 50, PAD or heavy legs pain can be related to heart failure

Having heavy legs or tired legs results in a heart attack for 1 out of 5

PAD cannot be reversed by simply eating right or losing weight.

Over time the arteries in the lower limbs become clogged by plaque, this affects the circulation to the heart.

The heaviness in the legs may be the only warning sign before heart troubles manifest.

Dr. Milton Reed an artery specialist has revealed that the heavy leg in pain is a strong indication of heart failure.

85% of those who experienced a heart attack related to heavy legs could have avoided it, had they acted in time.  source AMCD


The only alternative for those with PAD is surgery to clean the arteries and  repair the veins. It is painful and expensive. Surgery can cost between $7000 to $30,000 dollars.


There is some good news, there is a European diet created specifically to clear plaque in the arteries. It has been reported to help thousands in 10 countries. It is the only diet specifically created to address PAD, tired and heaviness in legs without surgery.  It is used by thousands every year who want to avoid surgery. See below